In game upgrade for jump causes jump to activate

I’m helping my friend with a game where there are carrots that increase your size. I made a complicated (It’s actually not that complicated.) jump system to keep it so the main character always jumps the same height but when you collect a carrot and it upgrades your jump the new upgraded size goes straight to the impulse and makes it jump, which messes the game up because it launches you into the obstacles. If anyone knows how to fix this problem please tell me.
This is the jump code.

(for some reason it’s coming up with a link?)

Jk, the link is gone and replaced by a picture

This is happening because when the carrot addes 3 to the jump force, it outputs too.

Number object:
“Set” doesn’t output
“Get” does output
“+” does output

To fix this first disconnect your number 3 to the “+” on the number 11. Then just add another number block (11). connect output of the 3 to the + on the new number. Now connect the output of the new number to the “set” of the jump force.

Plus if you give me a game link I can show you a picture instead of explaining it.