IN the next update

No, the problem is that computers aren’t perfect, especially the timer blocks, so even when I use anything from my monster mac to my 200 megabyte chrome, it still has some lag. I kinda had some success in timing on the 2020 flowjam, but my game got overlooked so I didn’t really continue searching that alley. However, I guess I could look for something that might help in my game

Computer RAM is the power of your computer, and alongside the Flowlab processing speeds, you just described exactly what I said hahaha
SO; still, best thing to do is wait for the update. On the Flowjam Discord, I saw grazer searching for laggy levels on the engine, and I offered the map for HAKK3R 2, Sadly it’s gone, but still, my point stands. The best thing to do is make sure your code is 100% efficient, and wait

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