IN the next update

Can add behaviour blocks to mess with the physics???


I second this; I think it’d be super cool to be able to mess around with gravity, hitbox shapes and the others.

EDIT; However, we do know that the next update will be on the sprite editor, so I don’t think we’ll be getting very much attention to behaviours for a while


And it could be useful and make it easier for 2D doors to open and close like you press O to open the it turns it from solid to non-solid and let go of O and it will turn non-solid to solid


@Blackhole_1001 You actually can complete this task with the enabled behavior.

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For real!? (Ok then how do you do it???)

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Disable makes the block not interact with anything and enable reactivates it.

The enabled behaviour is a bit restrictive, though, since it completely turns off the hitbox and stops the player from being able to move.


Position blocks can be used to move disabled items

This is true; however in the case that you need the hitbox, which is most, if not all of the time, the position block will have a buggy effect and allow the player to no-clip, which is useful, but only in the case that you want your character to be able to no-clip.

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You can use proximity sensors to simulate collisions, however.

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Simulate, not do. Since Flowlab is in the browser and there’s no desktop version, that simulation, after a bit of tinkering, could have one effect for you that looks fine, but for another player who works off of a different platform, say, you’re making your game on a Dell and I’m working off of a Mac. There’s a very plausible chance that something will go wrong for me because of a misfire in processing the information. It’s the same reason why the done output couldn’t be added to sound; because the system wouldn’t process it correctly on other platforms. It may work fine on a PC, but Mobile? Forget it.
That glitch still persists now; so I do think that’s a good idea, but it just wouldn’t process correctly because of the movement of the hitboxes.

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I was watching the conversation the whole time…

Now we can already change friction, bounce, and density using behaviors, but it would be handy to be able to change solid, gravity obedience, and collision registration using behaviors as well.


Some other requests I would have is sound cutting and background changing

There’s a great tool that I use for sound cutting, you can also put sound files together, record sound files, and more, including file type changing. Really handy; here you go:

For background changing; I think that’d be super nice too, maybe even adding your own game layers and giving them custom properties…

I need sound to change if something happens but I can’t base it off of time, it’s when the music stops.

Well in that case, I’d say it’s a timing issue that’s completely based off of Computer RAM and how fast Flowlab can process something. Nothing you can really do except for wait until there’s an update for running speeds, I guess