Indie Mobile Battery Component

It would be incredibly useful if, when exporting a mobile game, there was a way to display the current battery level. Since mobile games run in full screen, you can’t see the status bar that shows battery information. Having this information visible within the game would be beneficial. Perhaps a battery component could be added to the “mobile device” section?


huh? I see the battery bar when I play my exported games on my android
do you also use android?

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Yes I use android. But basically I’m saying you could make your own custom battery indicator or show it with a custom font or something. Lots of game engines let you see battery percentage information.


why do you need this, what use does this have for a game engine

Players can’t see the battery status unless they drag down the notifications bar, which interrupts gameplay. Keeping a battery display within the game would offer a seamless experience and keep players informed without distributing their game.

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what other game uses this feature, seems completely useless cus like checking your battery is never a big deal

there’s way more important features that need to be added to flowlab instead

It’s true that other games might not have this feature, it can still be beneficial for a smoother gaming experience, especially for those who play in full-screen mode and prefer not to be interrupted.

if no one ever uses it it’s most likely not an issue

if it was an issue games would have it but no games have it so it’s obviously not a big deal

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Actually, believe it or not lots of mobile games have that feature…

which ones

hol’up… let him cook. sure its not the most important feature but it would be cool and convenient all though I just want mobile support for the editor

I’ll be honest, I’ve played a few mobile games in my time and I haven’t seen any with custom UI for your battery display.

Most of the time, it either just shows the top of your phone which also displays battery percentage, but a majority of mobile games are full screen.


Most of these games have a custom battery indicator or custom notification thing.

  1. PUBG Mobile
  2. Fortnite
  3. Call of Duty Mobile
  4. Asphalt 9: Legends
  5. Genshin Impact
  6. Pokémon GO
  7. Clash of Clans
  8. Clash Royale
  9. Minecraft Pocket Edition
  10. Among Us
  11. Subway Surfers
  12. Temple Run 2
  13. Candy Crush Saga
  14. Roblox
  15. Brawl Stars
  16. Free Fire
  17. Mobile Legends: Bang Bang
  18. Hearthstone
  19. Angry Birds
  20. Fruit Ninja
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I’m just saying it would be a cool feature to have and could help.

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out of the games i play in this list, none of them have a custom battery indicator


Okay. Well the battery thing was just an idea. I’ll try and add it in regardless if Grazer adds it or not…

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also this is def an ai generated list cus like 0 of them have a battery indicator lmao

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Actually a few of those games do. Pokemon Go has that feature supposedly.

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I have Pokémon go currently and all it does is just display my regular battery display, there’s no custom one for it.

I can’t see it being the most helpful feature for flowlab and I doubt grazer would add it since there are a few other features that would probably benefit a lot more people, but it’s definitely a suggestion for future mobile games.


Yeah sounds good. I’ll try and code a webpage someday that allows for battery data access…