Infanate Loop error

I have an infanate loop arror but whem i try to fix the mistacke i can’t open the editor

Based on your information, it seems that the infinite loop might be occurring in the first level of your game.
Could you provide a link to the game in which this is happening?

usually when you have a infinite loop error, when you press play in your editor, it notifies you that you have it and it tells you to reload so you mustve played it without looking at the notification

Yeah, that’s true as well.

I have the same problum. I wanted to make a message go away so i said once you click it the message hides. It works fine but the message comes up

Infinte loop eror

never mind i fixed it

@PI_GYE_YT It hides the message automatically when you click it.

@meburningslime yea i just relized that lol