Infinite Loop on entering game

I’m not sure if it can be fixed, but I was working on a game and I accidentally made an infinite loop so when I open the game, it says “Behavior logic contains infinite loop”. If possible, can this please be fixed? Thanks!

I just removed the loop, I’m gonna backup the game now that it works again. Thanks for the help!

Ah, the game lets me into the editor now! Sweet.
And yeah, found that loop as well.

thats your loop that crashes your game. remove it or edit it so its not a loop and it should work just fine

this has happened to me before, but all I had to do was go into my games press edit and delete the infinite loop

you need to find the loop. its in your behaviors somewhere.

I cant even get into the editor, can you @TheGameDemon?

Yeah, it looks like the infinite loop has even crashed the editor. You have to be careful next time.

I can’t get into the editor either, but if I was able to, I think it would be in the yellow character, because that was the last thing I edited before it crashed. Thanks for the help anyway!