Infinite multiplied by Infinity

So, I made a game questmaster, and it is ALMOST FINISHED!!! COMES TO STEAM SOON AND IT HAS MULTIPLAYER, FOR 1.99? Well, maybe if I can finished this stupid problem I have.

I’m making a “QuestTower”, problem is I don’t know how to make endless random rooms, each with their own objectives. Actually, scratch that. I can make objectives, I simply have no clue on how to make a floor with a random set of rooms in each floor. Hopefully someone knows.

IF you wanna play it, here’s the link: Flowlab Game Creator - Questmaster

WASD to walk and
E to interact/ walk into houses.

No arrow keys?



0/10 will never come here again

I need to update this example as it can be simplified a little to be more optimized, but it runs pretty well and gets the job done. This should be what you’re looking for, but an important note, this just creates the path of the rooms. You’ll need to implement a system to spawn the walls and whatnot, but that isn’t too difficult to do

Yay! Thanks so much! Just what I needed!

Okay I see how it (sorta) works! Thanks! So, is there a way to MAKE SURE that a player can get from point A to point B without any obstruction?

Oh wait lol just understood what you meant XD ok thanks!!!

hmm now I just need help with a decision… Do I make the background BLACK or an infinite cloud scrolling? I think clouds, but which one would look better?!

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I suggest that you make a separate topic for ideas. Like a game development topic, or a update logs topic.

i suggest that you should use a consistent style it’s really obvious what art is made by you or is an asset you found online

Yeah they are almost all presets. This is in beta, my art designer has some projects he’s working on then he may be able to help.

Oh yeah! Good idea! I’ll make one now.

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Also, @CodeAlpaca what have I done…

Ginuenly scared…

Base code works great, wall code not so much.

you should maybe revise that name

I know… just saw it too!

And I’m sad :scream: :cry: :cry: :cry: :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob: :tired_face:

@paisleypug BUT TO BE FAIR… I’m gonna pull the master card on them. That game was made May 2024.

MY OG QUESTMASTER was made 2022.

This means… I had the original idea. My new game is just a remake.