Infnirunner update log

this will be a log of updates to the game

Infinirunner Patch 0.1 is out and here’s whats new

could some one make me a charecter running sprite?

i can’t and i could’nt get or play the game :worried:

why not?(202020202020)

when i open the game it says

It could have a virus and then it doesn’t lemme play

your on a windows computer I take it

that happens on most windows machine for indie game do to the lack of a software verification key

the game gave meh a virus dude meh mom took it out though (the webdicover virus)

Thats so weird Ill have to see if someone hacked my page

ok couase this is the second time i get this virus

your sure it was the game

yes the cover has a black character right?

yea a stickman(20202020)

Yes can you give me the flowlab version instead?

couase i really wanna try it

sure one sec(2020020202)

@8-bit_Studio do you like it?

Its great!!! (20202020