insert a multiple question into a game

how can insert my multiple questions into my game?

I just put together a quick example here:

Here are the objects I used:

  1. created an object to trigger the question, and named it “kiosk”
  2. created an object for the answer, and one for each question
  3. created a “coin” object as a reward

Then I added these behaviors:

  1. the coin, question, and answer objects start out invisible by using a Once trigger to send the Number “0” into their Alpha property
  2. the kiosk gets a Collision trigger, which sends the Message “ask” to the questions and answer objects
  3. the question and answers objects have a Mailbox trigger that makes them visible by sending the Number “100” into their Alpha properties

The questions work this way:

  1. the incorrect answers have a MouseClick trigger connected to Restart Game
  2. the correct answer has a MouseClick trigger that sends a message to the coin object, which is displays it

Is there an option to restart level? I am sure I am missing