Inserting ads/ exporting to mobile (for test)

I noticed that whenever someone has a bunch of technical questions they mention @grazer so I’ll give it a shot, but anyone is welcome to answer.

I’m ready to insert ads (test mode) into my game, pre AdMob account.
I am going to dedicate a page between playable levels for a full-screen ad.

Is the ad-block placed in the game world or background layer?
When I test out the ad-block by playing and completing the level before it, a blank white screen is triggered and does not move on to the next level.
I have the “ad” block configured like this:
(stored in a sprite off screen) - “Once” trigger into - “full” input - “next level” (I’ve tried the next level in both “out” 's and close.)

I am also unsure about exporting a copy for myself before exporting to the app store for screenshots and testing purposes.
Are there any links to examples on how to export a copy for yourself and not to the app store?

Thanks in advance to anyone for the direction.
All the best,

Hey @BlogHoarder - if you don’t mind posting a link to your game, that might help. If you don’t want to, then you can DM me with it.

I’m not sure I understand your question about where to place the ad block. The Ad behavior can be placed in any object in your game. The Ad itself will display either covering the entire screen (interstitial) or as a small area on top or under your game (banner).

The Ads should display in test mode if you don’t yet have an AdMob account of your own. Are you exporting for Android or iOS?

@grazer Thanks for the response I really appreciate it. I will be exporting to Android. I would be happy to send you a link directly. The ad block is in a sprite off screen on “test page” between levels 9 and 10. To confirm all you need is the share url? Thanks again.

Yeah, just the share URL is fine.

For Android, there is no difference between an export for yourself and the store. A single app can be installed on your personal device and uploaded to the Play store.