introducing my new game in the making Vilestone!

STORY/PLOTthere was a war between monsters and humans on the brink of extiontion the monster fled into caves called dungeons along with valuables magical and powerful items and tons of food and the well of darkness a well that holds the trapped souls of evil gods they used to help fight into there war 300 years later humans started going into the dungeons killing all the monsters inside and looting everything inside and selling them for large amounts of money this practice was popular among communitys in poverty and poor communities people would do anything to get the main treasure out of a dungeon as well as set up there children as an auditory bait usauly resulting in the childs death. you play as someone trying to capture the rumored treasure in the dungeos: the well of darkness not knowing that a human touching the well will result in freeing the gods somewhere in the overworld,capturing enough dungeons will result in a map showing where a god fled to upon realease

GAMEPLAYthe loop is pretty simple:explore the towns then into the dungeons than back to the town ecept this time with more supplies food and maybe even some new pets(wink wink nudge nudge)

this game would feature a inentory system made 99.99 percent by me only got some small help from some flowlabers

Experience systemthis wont work how you exspect it to in the end there 3 types of experiance,normal experience,soul experience,dark experience
dark experience is the strongest but it comes with a cost each object you put dark experience inside has a chance of turning on you like your weapons coming to life and trying to kill you(watch out)