Introduction- plus I am new and I don't really know how forums work

Hello. I made this forum to introduce myself. Hello


David change this topic category from Help Requests to Community Lounge, since I don’t think this isn’t really a call for help.

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welp, like I said it is a call for help because I have absolutely no idea how Flowlab forums work

Yeah but Help Requests is more for help with coding in Flowlab

I did understand that. So what should I have made the forum as?

Please elaborate further david.

as an introduction and ask for help to how the forams work, How to do things like talk to people, I didn’t know what to label this specific topic as instead of coding help.

Also David, the f-bomb is banned. You could say some curses but you must blur them out.

got it about the cursing thing

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To talk to someone you either click the green reply button below or click the reply button on a post someone says.

btw Adam is @Deadly_Stars if you didn’t know/forgot.

Also David, Mason is off medical and is the new goalie, he is super good.

hi david

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i couldn’t type for 23 hours

it was so annoying because I am making a new game and I wanted to tell you guys. Also I might have a concussion

I also emailed myself from my home laptop to my school one so I can post to the community at school, also is there a way I can post without being banned for 23 hours

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New users have some post thing where if they post a lot they can’t for a day lol. It’s not a ban I think it’s to reduce people making alt accounts and spamming from there.

David where are you at school?

i am home sick okkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

HEY is david still using this topic?

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