Inven help is needed

im trying to make a sky rim like inventory but @JR01 s inven example wont do

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I have never played skyrim, so I have no idea what you’re talking about.

From the brief image search, it looks like it’s just a long list of items, is that correct? Any further details will help, I’ve noticed in your help requests you often exclude a lot of details which makes trying to help extra difficult.


yes a list of items your right

So the question solves the problem.

You want a List of items. That is just a list. I’m assuming the real question you have is how to display this list.

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I gtg rn, I’ll be back soon though. Maybe in the meantime, someone else can help you.

A quick thing, is this list scrollable? Brief summary of what you want to do is spawn the inventory slots, then just have some simple scroll code. Add an attached Label to each slot, and the text is based on the List. This system uses Starting Value.

It’s not a hard thing to make, but I’ll explain it in more detail when I get back if you still require help.

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You could just have 2 of the same objects set one where if its touched by the player it will send a message and activate a switch where it will cause the other object to appear in your inventory or you could always just add an animation and set it to the last frame.

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I got you hi4250five

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Can you check out my game kept its in development by me only.

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ok ill play it

Thanks give me a response about it when your done.

how do i play it i dont have a link

you play it by getting the box to the button through the obstacles.

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how as it i’m not finished because i started it today

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Not exactly the best method by any means… I mean, it’s kind of correct in a sense, but that’s quite a poor way of describing it, and from what you said it sounds way less flexible compared to another option which will also make it more like the skyrim inventroy.


That was a little rude.

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It’s the truth. Whether it’s rude or not is debatable.
All I saw was you try to give some advice, and I didn’t think it was the most effective. So I just pointed it out. Yes I could have phrased it a little better, but I wouldn’t go so far as to call it “rude”.
You were trying to help him, which is a really great thing to do and is how I started out, but I just want to make sure the best information is received.

Well i started this game making 2 days ago and i’m trying my best okay so chill cuase that kinda hurt my feelings.