Invis projectile

I have a animation sword and i want it to shoot to function. But i need it to be invis

Then emit an object with 0 alpha

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Basically what Galactian said.

When the animation plays, the play will emit a projectile that has a Once β†’ Number (0) β†’ Alpha, so that way the projectile is invisible upon spawn and can still collide with enemies.

I did something similar on a room shading effect, where a room is blacked out, until you enter it. When the player opens the door for the first time, it emits an invisible object that collides with the black shader on top of the room and allows it to fade to 0 alpha so you can only see what’s in a room once you discover it.

I did this in at least 4 games of mine: Flowlab Kombat, DOOM But Flowlab, Sussus Amogus Fighting game, and an unreleased game called The GAME: Fazbear Waifu Crisis. Each one of these invisible projectiles is used for nearly the same purpose. I hope this helps!

would you show a picture of code

I tried filediggin, no source of invis.

Ignore the other characters, just go to level 1 and check scorpion and sub-zero

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wat?? what does it mean

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I barely understand the code myself. The hitbox code is based directly on @MrMcMemerMan’s fighting game engine, maybe you could ask him or use his engine.

emit an object that has the code (once β†’ number (0) β†’ alpha)

most simple thing

Is that supposed to be a link to a game?

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OMG he deleted it bruuuuuuh