Invisible wall that doesnt exist

so i have a game that im making thats a platformer, but there is an invisible wall that doesnt really exist blocking your way, is there any way that i could fix this?
game: (solved already)

What are the coordinates of the invisible wall? I’ve had this happen to me a few times. Try using the capture tool to mark the whole area and delete it, that might work.

the coordinates of the wall is 3

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Oh yeah, it looks like you cut a block out of the level, which keeps the solidity of the object when it isn’t there. It may or may not be a bug. Just place an object there and delete it. If that doesn’t work, contact me.

Okay, so the player has no problem navigating forwards and backwards (Thank you) but there is another invisible thing that fills all around 3/4 to 9/0, I’ll try to place things

just reload, that works most times