Is it possible for players to do this?

Hello -

Have not started my game yet, just wondering if the platform has a specific capability I am seeking.

I want my players to be able to share with each other 3 flavors of files: .pdf, .mp3, .jpg. Does the platform have an upload/download that can interact with game logic? For example, am not looking for them to share files in private chats or anything like that. The file sharing would be closer to sharing material goods, and part of the game. Bonus if there is any sort of framework and strategies to defend against sharing copyright protected files and protect against the ubiquitous “adult content”. #WhyWeCantHaveNiceThings


Flowlab does not have any sort of system for uploading files.


sigh sorry to hear. Can appreciate the difficulties. Would make for a billion-dollar game I have in mind, though. Can you recommend another platform that provides that functionality?

I know some of the big platforms for coding are Godot, Unity, etc. But those are more so for games and I don’t know if uploading is possible on those platforms (though I assume it is).

Also email.

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No, maybe you do not understand. This feature I am needing would be part of a game.

Ah ok. When I get a new charger for my computer (1-2 days) I’ll ask Grazer (site owner) on discord if he plans on allowing pngs, mp3, etc. To be uploaded in game

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Appreciated. FWIW, is an awesome game idea…dunno if can get the support to make it happen…but could lead to a great game even non-gamers like myself would enjoy playing. Was hoping Unreal Engine could do it in some fashion, as it looks like an awesome development environment.

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