Is it possible to combine tiles to make bigger character sprites?

I’m fairly new to this game and do not know a whole lot about it. I was thinking about a boss battle character to make but wanted to know if i can make it bigger than a 1x1 tile.


Thanks for all input!

also @AlphaKnight357 go to your library and delete some of your sprites you have some useless ones there that you dont need you have free account so you can only have 50 sprites be wise with these

here is his game link:

dont even say how i found it i did

Might help to have the link :slight_smile:

One way, use a Switch to either block the input or output and then a Timer to reset it again.

Lol thanks i got it. Now I’m running into projectile trouble. i have an 8 frame animation and i can emit it from the player, but if I hold space it just keeps jamming projectiles. how can I implement a cooldown?


not from a jedi…

Screenshot 2020-04-21 at 8.12.03 AM
Screenshot 2020-04-21 at 8.12.12 AM

Sure you can. There is an option in the editor to make them bigger. Can’t screenshot it here on the phone, but I think it was bottom right? Just search the forum, has been answered a dozen times before …