Is it possible to do fullscreen?

I really want to play a game in full screen, is it possible?

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Yes…with the full-screen behavior (I don’t think free users have access)

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ok, thanks! its alright.


No problem! I’m happy to help :grin:

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Are u sure that the full screen is not available to free users?

It isn’t available for free users.

Shoot! Man I thought that Anyone could use this!

Anyone can use it, or play games with it.

Free users can’t add fullscreen to their own games, as it’s still in beta.

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I see, I am also planning on making a game with an aimable bow. would anyone know a way to do that?

I’ve seen that but don’t understand how it works:(

never mind, got it :slight_smile:

Did you try hitting F11?

F11 only full-screens the tab. This new full-screen behavior full-screens the game itself.