Is it possible to make a character to teleport from one place to another in a level by collision?

Can I make my character teleport from one place to another by collision, and if so how would I?

nevermind i fuigured it out


How I did it:

  • In the player’s behavior, add a collision, two numbers, and a position.
  • Set your desired destination coordinates as the numbers
  • Input the collision into both, and then those into the position

You can probably do it from the Teleporter’s perspective, but I haven’t figured that one out yet

You can do it how is mentioned above^ but the site has a camera bug that is being fixed. The camera won’t follow you off screen.

Can you do alpha too?

Uh yeah, use an ease from 100 to 0 on an alpha

I know I looked it up in the help of behaviors you get there by clicking (what’s this?)
in a behavior.

I need help. I am trying to figure this out. I did as the directions said above, but it still won’t work. Please someone help me. I will need a response really soon.

@Game_Over This post is from 2013…