Is it Possible to make a Game Privat?

I mean that you cant play it if u dont have a link to it?

Just a Question.

Yes, go to game settings and turn on “don’t display on games list”

Then people can only get to it with a link.

But be careful when sending screenshots because anyone can see the link and put it into their search bar, it will give them access to play your game.

If you go into Edit Game, then go to Settings, and then Advanced, you should see a checkbox that says "Don’t display in games list. Selecting this will hide your game from the world, but can still be played by anyone as long as they have the link.
oh wait this was already resolved


You wasted your time trying to get that meme in your post lol

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Thx Guys :smiley:

Now I now how to do It :DD

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Yep, anytime.

I need Indie for this Dont I? ://

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yep, another feature that should be free locked behind a paywall
cough more objects and levels for free users cough

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cough it’s how Grazer makes his money cough

it’s a joke, lad

lol alright, bud, whatever you say /:

it’s a joke about how i “think” there should be more features for free users because i’m broke

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cough grazer is a real person and he needs to suport him self


When he responds, don’t respond back, it’s fine

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i know that, that’s the joke
the joke is that i’m broke and want to be able to do things without paying, like for example having more objects and levels.

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Thats Bad :confused: Cause Im broke fr so I cant do It oke