Is it possible to make a grappler gun

i was wondering cause it would be cool to add in a game.

i’m pretty sure it is possible

oh i haven’t seen any example on it. @USERNAME55

i haven’t either. I think it is a little complicated

@USERNAME55 yeah i guess so.

i could get the player to go to where the grappler is, but it is more like teleporting

it has been done before i think but I’m having trouble finding an actual game example for it like you said @tetre

i don’t think it’s too hard but it would be best to get an example game if you can.

I Will Try To Make An Example…

i’ll also try although i probably can’t

Well, I Almost Did It But I Got Stuck.
I Looked At Some Backup Help (Other Games)
But I Could’nt Do It.
It Still Might Be Possible.

OH, I’m Almost Done!

Dang It Nevermind. I Can’t Figure It Out.

might have to ask someone who has done it before. I think @PixelPizza made one in his game the awakening

I have a grapple gun design, but there’s a few ways to make it. If you want the basic mechanism, I can probably make an example later tomorrow, if you want a smarter system, you’ll have to wait a bit |:

Hey, Awakening didn’t have a grappling hook, I didn’t know how to make it a few years ago.

But I have this 2 month old unfinished test:

It’s not finished but anyone is free to recycle this.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:
Also, looking forward to @browngr example

oh i thought you said on a forum post that there was one in awakening. maybe that was something else. sorry @PixelPizza

nice grapplig gun btw

OH sorry i had a black out.

@PixelPizza nice example btw

@tertre there is a Spider-Man web swing example that works like a grappling hook. I think MrMcMemerMan made it.

Dude… don’t post on dead channels!