Is it possible to make a sprite never fall off the edge of the game

I made this sprite that is kinda a NPC villain boss in video games. In the level I managed to make it move, jump around but sometimes it falls off the edge of the game. Any suggestions?

Also does anyone know how to make sprites do like a summersault?

You may want to leave a link to your game so that it makes it easier for me and anyone else to show you how it is done in your own game.
Don’t worry, only the changes you make are saved.

Oops sry

Level 5

Use a following script, like in my example here.

Ok thanks :slight_smile:

What about making the sprite flip (summersault) when it jumps?

Hey @Maximus27t3721 - to prevent anything from leaving the game level, a common solution is to add a border of solid blocks (outside the visible area) to act as a barrier so that objects can’t go any farther than you intend.

oh ok thanks