Is paying for flowlab worth it?

This is an incredibly hard decision I want to make. I want to play for flowlab, but I have this feeling deep in my brain that is it worth it? I would like your feedback, especially those who have paid for flowlab.

I have the indie version of Flowlab and it is definitely worth it.


unlimited games, objects, and is worth about 1 meal at McDonald’s for every month.

^ That’s what I usually say
If you get the year subscription, it’s the same price as Xbox Live, PlayStation Plus, or $3 a month, 75, 3 quarters a week. Flowlab is by far the cheapest game engine. Most of them start at $300+. It’s designed to be affordable for students.

Hey @ShadowAxeKid - you’ll also have my eternal gratitude :slight_smile:

Seriously though: if you subscribe but decide to change your mind, or it just doesn’t seem completely worth it for what you need, I’m always perfectly happy to refund your subscription.

I have decided, (Even though it took about a month XD) That soon, when I get the money, I will indeed have Flowlab Indie. However, I will be doing it on my account that will have my bigger projects, @“ShadowAxeKid Productions” . If I want to make something on this account, but I can’t, I will likely either make a copy of it, or just make a second version. (Jumper might be a perfect example of this.)