Is there a way to change "Solid" Psychics of an object with logic?

I want to be able to have an object be solid to the rest of the environment EXCEPT for the player. Anyone know how to pull this off?

My scenario is a tower defense style game where the enemies are going towards a point and the player has to move around and defeat the enemies with a sword. Every time the player runs into one of the enemies it stops them completely. I want the enemies to ignore the player.

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You could have the all of the enemies as Non-solid, so the player can pass through them, but then you could also enable collisions when when it collides with a certain corner or something it can move to the right, left, etc.
Or you could have the entire movement and path coding into each enemy so they don’t have to collide with anything. You could accomplish this by using timers, numbers, and velocity, or you could use the position and use the +X and +Y instead of velocity. (This could be easier instead of velocity since you can calculate how far the enemy goes instead of guessing and checking with velocity)
Although like what you said, I can’t think of any other way of how to change the sprites solidity by behaviors. I needed the same question for one of my games, but I made it so when it collides with something on a specific side like the bottom, it will move up.


thank you, this is what I initially thought of but was having troubles using the positioning. It may be because I was using a proximity trigger instead of collision.

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Wow, I didn’t know you thought that.

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Do you mean like moving the camera, like the old Zelda games?