Is there a way to do this?

I am working on a new game, and I want to include a level where your character must dodge traffic, but I want the vehicles to be moving in an animation form, towards the computer screen, like if you were wearing 3d glasses, and a superhero flies off the screen. I want to make it where if the character hits a car during the animation he gets killed, but if he walks thru the animation and doesn’t hit the car, he’s safe. Can I do that?

I don’t really get it.

Do you mean a superhero is running but he has to dodge the riding cars? And the cars are just an animation? But if the superhero hits one. He dies?

I’m not sure that’s practical with flowlab. I’d change your game perspective to a platformer or a top-down if you want to keep working on this site :-/

It is in fact, possible.

The cars are “facing” the screen, and start at the top/middle and work their way down.

Use an “ease” (in numbers category) from 50 to 100 and put the output into a “size” (in the properties.

The cars could be spawned at the top. By a spawned object using an emit and a position

I think I did it, but when I hit the animation block when theres no car, it restarts the level, what it was suppost to do when you get hit by the car. Am I doing it wrong? Try it, or look at it.