Is there a way to make it so others can't edit your game (manipulate save files))

Please… People are cheating my game.

i was wrong so please dont read this

this should be a feature for indie, to “disable editing”
unfortunately, you can’t not make people edit your game, although it doesn’t save when people edit your game

It is, and its called “Unlisted and Locked”


Do you mean by going into the editor? You could have a frame rate lock so if their frame rate drops below 5 or something it will crash the game. The problem with that is some people may just lag, and if they could just move things around and not play until they are out of the editor.

But because you have Indie you can just make something multiplayer, and if they are disconnected don’t let them play. The lock would be made using the cloud behavior because it can’t be changed if you open the editor. (Other Multiplayer methods should be possible)


Encourage them to touch grass. Only a true loser would cheat in a singleplayer game (or any game really, but singleplayer especially).

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Unlisted And Locked:
It unlists your game and locks editing, this was how Yoann locked their “3D” game.


What if you want them to be able to play the game still?


You would post the link onto the Community.


This is why we need the Locked option alone instead of unlisted with it.


I mean, I’m slightly slightly slightly against an editor lock because I feel like one of the purposes of flowlab is to be able to open up a game and see how it works. I would be fine if you could still view the logic without being able to edit it, but that still feels slightly wrong.


Yeah thats what I would want