Is there a way to make multiple enemies do damage?

I’m having some trouble with making multiple enemies deal damage. How can I do this.?

Can you please be more specific?

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So I know how to make one enemy deal damage to the player but I want a variety of enemies in my game and I want all of them to do damage to the player. I hope this is enough information.

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Can you send the link? Also i would make the type of the enemys you want to do damage called enemy and then have if the player collides with type enemy do damage. But im not a pro so…

Send me a link and I can show you what to do

I would create a Parent Object, then have all the objects that I want to damage the player be Children to the object.


Look at page 6 for “Parents”)


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Here’s the link: Flowlab Game Creator - New Game Warning, it’s in very early production.

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