Is there a way to tack off time on the timer behavior?

Let me know if you need more detail.

if what i think you’re saying is what you’re saying, you can use the delay input on the timer block to set the delay on the timer

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With the Timer behavior you cannot track time offline, but with the Clock behavior you can. You can find the Clock behavior in the Components section. JR01 made an example of this, you can find it in his Bundle Library

What I wanted to know is that if i have a timer behaviour and I want it to go faster if a player does a certain action

If anyone can help with that that would be appreciated, Im pretty new so i might not no how to create things with certain behaviors.

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what you could do is use the delay input as Braden said and just set the number going into the input lower than what the timer is set.

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Like BradenS said, to make a timer go faster all you need to do is change the delay. Also getting better just takes a bit of practice, we joined the forums on the same day (Dec 1, 2021), I’ve just used flowlab every single day since then for a few hours each day.

A timer’s Delay input is in 1/10 seconds, so if you input 10 it would go off after 1 second, if you input 6 it would go off after 0.6 seconds.

More Information on Timer

OK thank you, I haven’t really got much time on my hands right now but when I can i will read the handbook and practice whenever I can, Thank you