Is there anyway to make a landing animation?

I wanna make it to where one of the characters in my game plays a single-frame animation when they land on the ground after jumping and falling off of something but, I don’t know how to, so can you help me? If you know a solution to my problem, please tell me and if you do, thanks! -Scraptap


(Keyboard [UP])-Down ----- On-(Switch, originally turned OFF)-Out ----- Play-(Animation)-Done ----- Off-(Same switch)

(Collision [ground])-Out ----- In (Same switch)

I’ll try that! Thanks, Luminous!

Edit: Luminous, it didn’t work. First of all, I can’t connect “out” on the switch to “done” to the animation, second of all, I tried connecting “out” to “start” instead because the first thing didn’t work but, it didn’t work, again! Please help!

You have to connect "out " on the switch to “Start” in animation, and connect “Done” in animation to “Off” in switch.

It’s just making his single-frame landing animation constantly play besides when you’re jumping…