Is this a bug or... a feature?

So. Occasionally I like to have two Flowlab tabs open in order to reference previously used codes and animations and such (which has actually led me to encountering numerous problems, when I accidentally edit the wrong tab or exit without saving, etc., but that’s beside the point).

This is what I am encountering today:

Is this normal / is it supposed to happen? To discourage me from having multiple tabs open, or something? Or is it a bug?


That’s certainly not an intended feature. It looks like the text size is wrong in one tab. You’re saying no edits were made in either tab?

If you reload both tabs do they match again?


Huh. Well that was odd. I logged out and back in again, and both of texts were using the wrong font. I know I didn’t choose that font.

Fixed it, logged out and back in again, and now it looks right. Is there something that could randomly cause your font to change? Or did I maybe just stay logged in too long without saving my work, something like that (user error LOL)?

Perhaps gremlins were dancing on my keyboard while I was AFK. I need to remember to log out when I’m not working on stuff. Anyway, it seems to be fixed now, I think… so thanks! I’ll let you know if it happens again.


Hrm, you shouldn’t need to log out when you’re done. Behavior updates are saved when you close the behavior editor. This sounds like it may be some sort of caching issue, but I’m unsure.

Please let me know if you continue to see behavior like this, I’d for sure like to get to the bottom of it.


It’s entirely possible that I screwed up when I had two tabs open without even realizing it, but the font changed to a font that I would never intentionally select. Nobody else should have access to edit my games, so either I screwed up, or my computer did…

I have seen behaviors when adding labels where the labels will randomly move after setting and reloading, but usually resetting it to the right location, exiting, logging out and back in again fixes that. Must have been a similar situation here. Maybe I’m just trying to do too many things on one screen at the same time. :man_shrugging:

You’ll see what I mean when the game trailer I’m working on is done. I’ll make sure it’s working right before I post it, but there’s a lot going on. I would literally probably cry if I logged in one day and all of my progress on it got accidentally deleted or something.

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