Is this hard enough?

Hey, Flowlabbers

I’ve lately been working on a game that I think is pretty fun so far. I’m creating the hardest level (3) and I was wondering if it was too hard or not hard enough.

Please give me some Feedback on this game: Vehicle Battlefield!

It’s really hard for me (I actually haven’t beat it) but I want to know what you guys think of it.


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make the bulled be non solid or somethin (they skid along the wall) and make the bullets a bit slower, so that you can see them…
make some ranges so that enemies can only see you from a certain distance…

These are some tips for your game.

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Thanks a lot. I’ve already made the enemies only start shooting when you can see them.

Instead of making the bullets non-solid I made when they collide with the wall then they get destroyed in 0.02 seconds.

I also made them slower.