Is this LEGAL

@grazer I have been working on a game called Sanity I have uploaded music but the thing is it is a recording of a soundtrack by BadWabbitz called “When Memories Break” I didn’t buy it or ask permission to use the soundtrack but I gave full credit to the original creator But I don’t know if its still Illegal. I decided to take out the recording just in case unless it is legal.

Yes its still illegal but I wouldn’t worry too much about it unless you plan to export your game or show it in a video. Though even If you bought it, you still cant use it because of licensing. Its all about permission, unless they state for credits or free use.

This may help:

Found the music video and it states “anyone can use this song for whatever freely, please give credit” in the description, so giving credit in game should be fine.

Something similar happened in one of my games as the boss music, I went to another website and used its song, but I replaced it with Flowlab music just in case it was illegal (especially since it will be exported as a desktop app when I finish the game).

Ok Thank you I was only planing to have the game remain on this website I have no intention making it a desktop app I also wasn’t planing to make a video about it. But I’m still going to use Flowlab music just to be safe

You can be safe if you want @Turtleshell, but you can use this specific song any way you want as long you have he song name and author somewhere in the game.

That’s actually how I use songs for streams and games.

Oh ok thank you

would exporting be legal if I posted it on my website, and just had a link?

@“nrypsjc”, probably, if the game your exporting belongs to you.
Also, please refrain from commenting in old discussions as it pushes new ones away. This discussion had already been solved since October 2019.

@Turtleshell @Superstargames On Music maker Jam, Bandlab and Groovepad, all accessible on play store, you can easily make your own music! (Music maker jam is one of the best, but you have to pay for some packs using an in game currency accessible by real money. You start with a little to start you off though - so keep that in mind. Groovepad you have to pay premium to access 90% of songs but you could just watch a 30 second video to skip that, which is what I do.)