Isometric 90 degree rotation

So I’m making an isometric game and I’ve had trouble doing rotations. I know how to do rotation on a normal grid, just swap the x and y and make the y negative. And I thought all I would need to do is divide the Y in half since it’s rotating in a sort of elliptical orbit but that didn’t work. I don’t need a smooth rotation, just a quick teleportation is fine, but I haven’t been able to figure out how to do this.

You would most likely, just need to make it a animation. Do you have a game link?

here, its a bit of a mess : Flowlab Game Creator - Isogroaph

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I have not experimented with iso at all. So you are wanting a gut to rotate, or the whole view to rotate? Kinda like minecraft?

Very neat game by the way!

Yeah I don’t think animation will work cause each block will be moving a different distance which isn’t something you can predict with an animation. I was wanting the whole view to rotate, each block, that way, like if you build a wall you aren’t just shut off from interacting with that part of the world until you delete it you know? Yeah I was kinda wanting an art style similar to minecraft classic / alpha erra. Thanks!

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Ok, as I said I have not worked much with isometric tiles… but maybe @CodeAlpaca has an idea?

I’m not entirely sure what you mean by ”rotate”. Do you just mean changing x 32 —> -32?
I’m on mobile rn, so maybe you displayed this in the game link

Like when you change x,y to -y,x