Issue with background

Hello all, I appear to be having an issue with the background of my game-

Typically I would figure out the issue myself, but what confusing me is that upon re-loading the issue fixes itself, then re-appears after playing again.

Here is the game. If you’d like to find the issue naturally it is directly behind the gate on the far right end of the map. If not you can just drag the player over to the gate. Getting there through Gameplay might be a bit difficult at the moment- combat is a bit broken.

In order to attack you must press “1”, then to continue the combo press “2”, then repeat. You cannot move without completing the combo.

You may also press “F” for Fullscreen.

Thank you in advance,


This is the issue, the castle background should not be past the gate. It should stop where the grass begins. I have checked the camera, and it is not repeating. I’m not sure what the issue could be other than that.

Maybe try refreshing the page?

I have already attempted this- which I mentioned earlier. It fixes the problem once, then it immediately shows up again.

Its a classic flowlab bug

Okay- is there any way to work around this? It is something that severely affects my game and if possible I’d like to fix it.

Personally, I don’t mess with objects in the Background layer, I just make them as a game layer object, set the display order to 1 with no collisions, while all other objects are 2 or more for their display order.

Although I never had issues with background objects repeating unless it was selected, but then again, I rarely use background objects, mostly since back in the day, you couldn’t put code into them, so I just avoided them entirely.

Fair enough, if that is the only solution that is what I will do. Maybe it is because of the script used in my background objects. I didn’t figure that would cause anything since it’s just to make them transparent, but perhaps that will fix it. If not I will get back to you, thank you all for the help!

Now that I have posted about the game I also have a question. Is it preferred by the community to keep update logs, or should I keep the game hidden until it is completed?

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Update logs are completely fine, just remember to keep your updates in one topic. Don’t post them here though because this is just a help request.

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Completely understandable, my question was more of a “what is typically done in this community”, because I am completely okay with keeping it hidden until completion, but if update logs are more of what the forums are used for than I’d also be happy to keep one!


This is not a very serious community, you don’t have to be all formal and stuff. Also btw its completely fine on how you wanna show/represent your game, if you wanna show it when its finished, sure. If you wanna do update logs, sure, Whatever. The glorious off topic channel of destiny 5 or what we call it “OTC” is kind of a great place to start. Its a topic where we just kinda be ourselves, memes, game talk, whatever.

I completely understand not needing to be formal, I just tend to be anyways. It helps maintain a serious reputation, and present yourself as more approachable.

Otherwise perhaps I’d be more informal in an off topic channel, otherwise I prefer to keep myself a bit more formal. Thank you for the advice, maybe I will use the OTC so that I do not clog the forums with an unnecessary update log.


So do you still need help?


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I recommend you keeping updates in your own topic (in a single one), not on the OTC. Its not clogging up the forums because showing your game is kinda the point of the forums.

So the problems been fixed?

@SwordScript You have 2 “Camera” behaviors. I’m not actually sure why it’s an issue as it appears to not be in the level though. But the Camera in the “Camera” object has “Repeat Background” selected, if you remove that the issue is fixed.
It’s understandable why having two camera would mess things up, however only 1 is in the level, so I’ll have to ask Grazer to look into it


Correct, but that object is not in the level so it shouldn’t cause the issue. I will look into it as soon as I can, thank you for the feedback

Yeah that’s what I said, I’m not sure why it’s causing an issue if it isn’t in the level. I’m going to ask Grazer about it today

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Ah yes I see now, I hadn’t originally noticed that you said that already. I will attempt the fixes recommended as soon as possible, I am just away from my Laptop at the moment