Issue with enemies not appearing

This issue is impossible to track in my eyes. The enemies are spawning, being sent coordinates to appear in, and are at 100% alpha, but still they don’t appear.
The first enemy always appears, but every other doesn’t.

It’s a bit of a long shot for help, but would love some.
Just know you have to set your deck in order to actually play.


where is the spawning code?

It’s in “Level”, the enemy is spawned, so i don’t think that is the issue. Like the enemy gets spawned, but then vanishes, despite still being in the game somewhere. Cuz the code is still running.

It’s working for me?

Really? I even tried on another device.
Does it keep going?

The moment I killed the first enemy, The blue one appeared along with a red one.

That’s so strange, and won’t happen for me. What happened after killing those two?