Issues with lore itself

I’m trying to create books that would make a text bubble on top when clicked that shows some of the games story.
Can someone help with an example please?

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you could use alerts

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That does sound like a good idea, thanks!

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no, stop, it is NOT a good idea to use alerts

  • They look very bad and 99/100 times DO NOT fit the style of your game
  • They look very unproffesional
  • They have very limited functionality
  • They have no customization
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Ok, umm… how should I do it then?

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  • You can create your own sprite to spawn in
  • Create an animation for the sprite
  • Wait until the new Label update comes out and make it with a Label block

You can use the label block now, before the update. It’s just a little more complicated. I’d recommend using text lists to set what you want the lore to say, and the alpha input (on the label itself) to keep the text from showing up until you’re ready for it

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I need help with lore for my horror game

you can create your own topic for that @28Jefferson-bobby

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My game’s name is Hospitale of horrors

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I know I misspelled it

ok, if you have any questions then you can make a topic for that

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Wait is it posible to friend in flowlab

No, and please stop ignoring me and please make a new topic for your questions