Issues with messages not being recieved

I have a projectile, that collides with an enemy and then sends a message of damage to it’s (Last contacted). Which 10% of the time hits the enemy and deals damage, but the other times it sends the message, and the enemy doesn’t receive it

your sending “break?” to the enemies but the enemies don’t have any mailbox to receive that specific message

Check the parent, under damage.
But this is what actually sends damage (In Projectile)

In parent (Enemies)

this code is a million times more complex than it needs to be

just make only one damage message and just send the number of damage through the message

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That’s what it does
It’s only complex for pierce and multipliers
It collides, it sends 'hit" to itself which then sends that amount of damage to the collided enemy, then the enemy calculates it’s armor, and sends the damage to itself.
The breaking and passing stuff is only for specific projectiles that don’t break on the enemy.

But either way, why it gets the message sometimes is what’s troubling me


On top of all this, I used this EXACT code in my last game, and it was flawless.

you shouldn’t use the same code between certain games unless it’s something as simple as movement

you should improve the system, this one is lacking a ton of simplicity and makes no sense to me so i can’t help you at all

Idk what like is confusing, it’s just organized.
Projectile hits enemy, then sends “Hit” to itself. In the “Trash” Bundle,
It sends the damage to it’s last collided
I don’t think that part can get any simpler

Then enemies literally just get the message and deal damage to themselves. Nothing else here matters.
But this is the message that isn’t always being received
It’s as simple as I can make it without making the game overly simple

It’s a projectile system, for basically the exact same game.
And i’ve been making and developing this PvZ esc gamestyle for over 2 years, so this just a random inconvenient hurdle