How do you upload to HTML5?

probably, however, when people find out that they can look it up for free, that kinda kills the point

@grazer If you could make it so then we can turn a game to a link only mode, where only creators can access it and not anyone else without a link, that would work for those of us wanting to put our games on

@Wybba - I haven’t sold anything on, but I assume that you could upload your exported Windows or Mac games, or possibly just a link to the html5 version as well?

@MagmaDude100 - I think that what you’re asking for is the “Don’t display in games list” button in the game settings panel? That prevents the game from showing up on the site.

@grazer Thanks!

But it doesn’t allow me to use that @grazer

Who doesn’t allow you to do what?

When I go to click the button for making it not show up in my game list, it doesn’t do it, its just a darker button that doesn’t work for me

Hey @MagmaDude100 that feature isn’t available on free accounts. Sorry - I thought you were a subscriber.

alright =(