Item Ideas (15 chars)

see these items on the table?
i’m making a quest-based travel game so i don’t know what these items should do. any ideas?

List of Items
  • Red Potion
  • Candy Bar
  • Fairy Dust
  • Purple Potion
  • Candy

does the game have fighting?

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not currently, but i might add it (not sure)

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red potion can be strenght or healing
candy can give you energy
fairy dust can uh make you hover in the air idk XD
purple potion can be poison
candy bar can give you more energy then candy lol

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since there’s not a health bar and no fighting mechanics, red potion wont be that useful
the fairy dust is pretty good, might add that
are you suggesting that the purple potion poisions others or yourself (as in it’s a joke item)?
and what could energy do(in the case of candy and the candy bar)? possibly a sprint mechanic?

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ok i have no idea what for red then XD

i meant others but poisioning yourself works too XD

yeah thats what i was thinking

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or candy just increases your movement speed temporarily