JNGgames presents "Slender's Game!"

A horror game ready to scare your socks off with crazy gameplay mechanics, and now jumpscares to up the suspence in every way possible!

not to mention… FIRST PERSON VIEW

here is a extremely detailed log of how to play the game and win

Slenderman always first shows up on the right side of the other room, and will try to get to you without going through your site. When he is in the room you are viewing, the camera hes in goes static and cannot be viewed, the cams change automaticly about every 2 seconds, so thats one thing to be carefull about. sometimes the cameras both will go static, that happenes when he moves. If he is not in either cams, check the door with the button, if he is there he will flee and rarely stays off both cams and the door for more than 2 seconds (or will commonly go back to the cams before the timeframe), then he will repeat the pattern untill 6 A.M.

If you look at the monitor too long or stay off it too long, slender man will jumpscare you. to toggle the monitor, click the blue button, the less opaque it is, the closer you are to a jumpscare. the button is used to check for slenderman in the door, if he is off both cams then he is either in the act of moving to the door and/or just fled.

it is really scary bruh, nice job

Like, the jumpscare scared me, not the pictures

i had a prequel that came out before fnaf, but it wasnt suppost to be scarry, i was just trying an idea.

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made some char art and it didnt work

ah cool

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