Join hasty yacht!

You may apply for hasty yacht in the comments. must include a link to your “my games” page.
we are in need of:
2 artists

I will be notifying you privately if accepted!
post your role and proof of talent by creating a 1 level game, or a character sprite (artist only.) I will be accepting!

ps- noob123456789101112 it IS me.

I can’t replie instantly by the way.

can i join??? PMBAL2C

really sorry about missing a day.

What’s PMBAL2C?
Oh and what are you skilled at?

Ok. you might be a skilled concept designer. Can you submit a concept for a boss battle in a dog themed game that’s not a cat?

Or a kraken or a ghost?

PMBAL2C stands for Post Must Be At Least 20 Characters

Well im good at drawing Pixel stuff

is a Spider Working with a Octopus good?

pixilart-drawing (2)

Oh yeah and their names are: Webby(Spider) and Renamed:Bubble(Octopus)

Maybe I would recommend not using Suck as the octapus’ name cause they just doesn’t sound really right. Try coming up with a name that maybe can be relatable to either the tentacles or the number 8. Since it does have eight tentacles and Oct means eight in the name. You can keep the name, but from my point of view doesn’t sound very right, lol.

I named him that because his tentacles can SUCK you or i could name him Bubble

I would like to join.

i got cool name ideas for the octopus & spider, Venom & Eight

I’m really sorry to keep you waiting.
lemme just check a few things.

I think that 8-bit studio should get concept designer.
But it’s not like I can pay you or anything.
I’m not 18 yet.
I’ll send you the inv

All righty then. @ScrapStudios do you want to be concept artist or game artist?

Venom and Eight Could be a nickname(I typed in late didnt i?)

no you typed in good

and yes! PMBAL2C good idea for the PMBAL2C