Join my team plz

if you want join my dev team tell me and i will ad you

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What game is it for?

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im going to let my team decide

ok know one else joined so what do you want it to be about

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@Greggo @glowbug @AbstractGallery @Caden9

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what do you mean by that

What do you all make, @bentley.holmquist?

i like to make games

You called for me?
If you want me to join the team I’d be happy to although I probably won’t be much help.

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ok want can you do to help

I usually do some art and I like to dabble in a bit of code.
Want an example?

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perfect just what i need can you code thing for me

I believe I was summoned…

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I can always try to, I’m not too confident in my skills to code but maybe I can be of use.

i need help with my game

well we start at 8:00 pm eastern time if you want to take the challenge

Alright, just send me an invite and I’ll accept, I’m not able to work on anything tonight but I should be tomorrow.

What’s this challenge you speak of?

im trying to make a war game so w need moving objects things you can pick up and etc

Ok! (20 limit thing is annoying)