@browngr I humbly accept the invitation! Voice acting always sounded fun so I can be a voice actor too!

Sounds great! Also, this is going to help very soon: Are you two fans of Fallout?

Geez, i want to join but i don’t know if i have enough skill. and i don’t have indie

Oh, okay. But do keep in mind that the biggest reason so would be that you don’t have a paid version of Flowlab. If you ever get it though, you’re free to join.

@browngr Ive played fallout 4 for a decent amount of time, so i guess yeah.

@browngr also can you add me to the game project group you have.

Cool. IF I could figure it out. I’m new to that kind of stuff… But no worry, I will. Working on it now.

I will also invite you @“Mushroom Productions” to my team.

Though my team is for hobby dev’ers

The official ViperTeam is up, guys. You are now official members of ViperTeck, @RageDayz and @“Mushroom Productions”!

BTW call me Rage @“Mushroom Productions” and @browngr

Cool, sounds good.

I have looked at the game and…wow!

I don’t know if I’m needed for this. I SUCK at GUI and Game Art.

Maybe yinz don’t need me? I won’t be upset.

@“Mushroom Productions” @browngr

No no no! We need all the help we can get, as long as you meet the requirements. And your game proved already that you had no trouble meeting them! We need you, not just for the game, but for voice acting as well!

I would like to do some voice acting.

I reread the requirements and I don’t think i meet most of 'em.

Kick me from team bro. It was nice wokrin with ya!


I think you do meet the requirements @RageDayz !

Alright, fine. But, you’re welcome back anytime. Requirements are loose now, after the recruitment efforts were way overshot.


this is like rockstar games losing 300 people

Pretty much, yeah /=