I am Browngr. Founder of ViperTeck. After looking at the plans to the X-15 updates, (More info on the V.T. Announcements, link above) I soon realized that I would not be able to do this on my own. In short, I intend to create the biggest games on flowlab, and even, the biggest game in the world.
(FALLOUT ANARCHY is planned to be the largest map of any game in history. 999999999999 x 999999999999 blocks.)
(HAKK3R is planned to be one of the most complex games on Flowlab.)
(Call Me Kevin the Game is planned to be the first game on Flowlab to be popularly featured on a YouTuber’s channel.)
(The HAKK3R Series as a whole is planned to become one of ViperTeck’s biggest games)
The list goes on.
But you can easily imagine that I wouldn’t be able to do this on my own. So, after January 10th, the time is up.
Until then, you can message me or apply to become an official member of ViperTeck.
BUT, you must meet the required guidelines:

  1. Accepting that this will not become a paid job, or even a job until our games are complete and put out onto the internet, even then, money might not be rolling in for our hard work.
  2. Dedication. Be prepared to be working on a huge project, for long amounts of time. Building a game isn’t easy. GTA 5 took about three years to complete, and they had HUNDREDS of people.
  3. Skill. You must have an understanding of everything in the behaviors menu, and be able to build basic machinery. Now, I’m not asking you to build A.I. and fully constructive dialogue, but a good understanding of how Flowlab works. Plus, I specialize in A.I. and constructive dialogue so I can help if needed.
  4. And most importantly, a paid for version of Flowlab. Team collaboration and infinite sprites are a huge priority in ViperTeck.
    Yes, I know, I’m acting like a choosing beggar. But, if you look at the bigger picture, you can realize why I have set up these guidelines. Thank you for reading, and please, consider joining us! My goal is to have at least 5-10 people on the team, but anything more would be amazing. Now, if we don’t meet that goal, we’re still not giving up. I will repeat the message, and then after that, the X-15 Updates will be 100% underway.


(Btw these are updates so this post doesn’t get lost in the dozens of others)



@browngr I’m pretty good…

@RageDayz , yes, I have seen your work!
I honestly had my doubts if anyone was going to join, and this is in perfect timing for the X-15 Updates, coming soon! So, yes! I’ll send you the invitation to my games once I have the Indie Version of Flowlab, (that is, if you have it too) and we’ll be able to get to work.
Welcome to the ViperTeam, RageDayz!


BTW i do have indie!

@browngr when do you plan on getting indie?

@RageDayz within the week, in a perfect world.

OK @browngr

What if you help me with my game?

That sounds great! Place it into the group, and tell me what you need. (=

Or, just send me the link, @RageDayz

Keep in mind is just a hobby for me…


It looks great! Though, it appears that you may actually have to add it to the group in order for progress to be saved on our side. Also, what exactly do you need? Mechanics work, sprites, story, detail, etc.?

@browngr I think of myself experienced, as I have been doing this for well over 1.5 years (I now have a new account that I use which is this one so if you check when I started thats why it wont add up) I have done tutorials on youtube that have recieved over 1.7k views and the remastered version getting almost 1k views. Right Now i am trying to perfect AI that can combat any situation. I dont know if this helps with me joining, but I would be happy to assist you in creating games.

That would be amazing, @“Mushroom Productions”!
We all have expertise in important areas, which makes this an amazing opportunity. So yes, if you would like to join ViperTeck, just tell me, and your in. I’ve seen your work in the past, so that goes without saying. Thanks for the help, and you are welcome onto the team whenever you feel. Also, if you’re interested, our games are going to be having voice dialogue. If you’re comfortable, we would love to have some more voice actors for characters in our games.

If you’ve seen some of my games–you can see that I’m not too great at GUI @browngr

Oh and I’m busy until Jan…9?

So i might not even talk to you till then