Joint boss movement

i need help to make the jointed boss i need it to move to the players x position and swings its arms

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I know @JR01 made a jointed boss thats were the idea came from


Flowlab Game Creator - New Game its not that good yet but it can be better


What do you mean by that? Like joints for attacks or when it takes damage or as an animation?

like move the whole thing to player X position

can you do that? i know @JR01 made a jointed boss

what do you mean like the entire boss or only one joint/arm?

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whole boss needs to move

I know what your talking about. Sadly the polygon hit boxes don’t work too well, so if you apply too much force the joint will glitch out of the box.

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Other boss types would work better. However if you still want to do this, you need to know some trig to make things able to rotate around a point. This could work with @JR01 ‘s orbit bundle and some extra code.

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thx but i tried to tell @JR01 but he did not reply

wait what bundle? in witch one of his games?

what hit box should i use

I believe you can get the bundle in “example games” section. Orbit example.

I’m not sure if this would help because I don’t know ur level of skill…

bad ish good ish Flowlab Game Creator - New Game i have a function that makes any thig move to the player