Joints and Googly Eyes

@grazer @browngr @ragedayz @gamerztrio @seamothmaster45 and Any other good coders, I NEED HELP!!!

I have an idea of making a game with joint for ragdolls and googly eyes for fun, and one know how to do that? @gamerztrio you tried this in the past right? can you help?

I’ve made Joints using Flowlab before.
Its not too hard to do but you would need to mess around with the ‘polygon’ hitboxes to do it.
Here’s a Test I made after discovering joints myself and another test for what I tried to do with them.
You can see the hitboxes of sprites in Flowlab by pressing Ctrl+D (this will try to bookmark the page).


Joint Boss Test

@“JR 01” Could you help me make a Player Ragdoll?

Oh and @“JR 01” I like you boss idea

@Pixel-Master-Studios-Dev As the user who discovered joints I feel like I can help pretty well
This was the original rag-doll I created, each color represents an individual body part that needs separated from the rest, each body part should be a different game object.

You’ll notice that some parts have two joints, this is to prevent the rag-doll from bending in unnatural ways

This might need tweaking to prevent joints from breaking, one thing that helps is scaling the image up, importing it, and hooking a once trigger to shrink it back down to the size you want

@SnakeInMyHoot if i use the ragdoll 1 how will i cover up the joints from showing (If Possible) 2 How would i make a player with the ragdoll

@grazer should add some form of ragdolls at some point

  1. Make the joints alpha 0
  2. Use animations to cover the holes

Thanks @“JR 01”

Really helpful guys thanks!

You don’t need separate joint objects, you can just add circles to one object and holes to another. And you can use animations to make it look like whatever you want

Can you link you game with the ragdoll model @SnakeInMyHoot ??

Or help me make one???

@Pixel-Master-Studios-Dev I deleted it a while ago… sorry.

You Know Grazer Can Bring Back Deleted Games. Just Ask Him

I think hoot reused that game to make something else, so the model is completely gone

Oh That Sucks

Well thanks anyways @SnakeInMyHoot and @“JR 01”

Well @SnakeInMyHoot can just remember how to do it, right? If not, I’ll try to help best I can, just wait a while I’m going to go catch some zzz’s first.

Like I have a choice