Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Fans Needed!

I am created a Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure based game! The only problem I am having is finding a story and finding how the game should play, I kind of want to make it a walk around beat em’ up game like Double Dragon or Castle Crashers. But another thing I need help with is how the stand attacks work! I already have designs for Star Platinum, but I need ideas for the rest of the stands, Right Now I am working on all Jojo’s from Part 1 - Part 5.


well well well…

I summon thee @John_Shrekinson!!!

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I think this is the post for the abandoned JoJo part 3 game.

Then why did it appear now

Oh, they edited it, lol

The category changed. This post is from 2016, probably when the Diamond is Unbreakable anime adaptation was still being produced.