is it posible to move your charater by a joystick. as in joytick i mean like the one in or any other type like that


extremely hard… i’ve never tried it…

um. do you guys have any clue how you make one
@jngthree @grazer @Afro Pixel

Yap u have to do an click and drag circle inside a biggest circle with a space in mid…the rest idk explain… Needs so much objects

You mean how the circle follows the mouse? All you do is attach the mouse move trigger to a position property, x to x and y to y.

But if you want something even more like, then you would have to make an object like the one mentioned above. This one would have switches that start in the off position. Then when you use the mouse click trigger (set to capture click anywhere) the switches would switch on, the position property would then set those switches off. The object in mind, the cell, would then move towards the object set to follow the mouse.

I’m still working on this concept to mimic the effect that you want.

just make click fields in the GUI and when the mouse is on it sends a message to the player to move