@JR 01 Something about your Semi-Solid Platforms

My brother and I are trying to make a game with semi-solid platforms, but the number is going crazy! Here is an example:

So by that, the number is constantly decreasing.

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So, the problem here is that you haven’t hooked up your player Y correctly. It’s connected to the wrong value

So whatever your “Player Y” is set to, that object is flying endlessly.
If its the player you have set up correctly, then check for cloned player objects.

Could you leave a link to the game? then I could take a look at it.


/\ Yeah what the guys said above me /\

Anyways, by the screenshot it looks like a cool game, mind if i give it a try?

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1: Here you go:

2: I only worked on the opening cutscene. I guess this is only a teaser.

And if you’re not up to searching for the problem, this is from the player, no clones:

Screenshot 2021-05-18 6.49.28 PM

It starts going crazy on it’s first jump

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I’ve found a broken player object in the game and it’s hard to remove normally.
I’ll report it to Grazer and try to get it fixed up.

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So… should I remake the player all over?

No, don’t do that. Don’t do anything until you can find the source of the issue completely

I used a broken player clone detector, and it is always at pixel (1,1) no matter if I try moving it
PS: The broken clone was invisible, so I couldn’t find and delete it.
PSPS: broken player clone detector was just an extractor block to find the broken clone

No don’t delete it, it was a clone that was scaled down in the editor.
I’ll send a video on how to delete it soon.

@Retroman, try following the video to delete the object:

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So… apparently, my brother placed down the broken player, and noticed that it was broken, he tried deleting it, but failed, so he shrunk it down to atom size. Also, thx a lot!

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That’s the best story I’ve heard lol, and no problem.
Let me know if you have any more problems
o( ̄▽ ̄)d

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“Where’s the player?”
“Gone, reduced to atoms”


Dude would you stop

He didn’t do anything? Chill.


Yeah i know he keeps doing this