JR 01's Weekly Coding Challenge

That’s the whole purpose to these challenges heh

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I have to leave now. I’ll see if I can do the challenge tomorrow. Is that O.K? -since there’ll be another challenge then?


Next challenge is Friday, so you have another day to try.

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My answer


It won’t work for textured ones, but that can simply be fixed by adding a backwards velocity.

This type wont hold the player effectivley @Kasamir,
if you have a heavy player, it will be able to move down the platform.

Take a look


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My bad

This shoul work then:


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Heres mine


Platform code

Physics for platform
Screenshot 2024-04-03 11.07.49 PM

My answer (It works!)

Platform physics:

Platform code:

It works so well! Thanks JR01 for the help! I’m really happy I was able to complete this.

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Good work everyone whoes tried this challenge, its good to see everyones solution and different approaches to this challenge. Here are my approach to the challenge, I made a version for both collision and raycast.

Also here is my official kinematic example, it has several methods of using kinematic objects including moving platforms.
Flowlab Game Creator - Kinematic Examples



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I though about making a collision version as well, though it’s interesting that just setting it to Ground doesn’t work.

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Wait, does this event happen every week/month or something? I want to join for next time.

It’s multiple times a week, but certain days include different difficulties.

I actually think a new one is supposed to start today.

I hope it will be good for me because you know, I’m still new even though I start make games on flowlab for a half of year, there’s still very much I don’t know how to use here.

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Oh, so you didn’t have to make it activate when the player collides with it? Lol.

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Digital Clock

April 5th, 2024
Difficulty: Challenging

Share a screenshot of the code that uses a single label to show the time in a 12 hour format (H:MM XS). It needs to include the semicolon, space and stamp for the time, example: “3:05 PM”. Forcing the Minutes to be in a 2 digit format, like “05”, is not mandatory, but is prefered. You need to have a good understanding on how text behaviors or list behaviors works to push the time into a single label. If you cannot send this in a single screenshot, you can send multiple screenshots. Using lists are not needed, but expressions will be needed. Please read the rules on the topic if you are new here.

If you are a beginner and won’t be able to handle this challenge, I recommend try to do this with multiple label behaviors to get the same results.



I hope it will not disappoint me.

https://flowlab.io/game/play/2511474 if you want to make sure, buddy. If the drone rotates the clock and it annoys you, sorry about that.


He said use a single label…


Oh I didn’t read that my bad.

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But he also said in a 12 Hour format, that is not a 12 Hour format.

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